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Edwina Dunn

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Garrett Grolemund

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Business Decisions Should Lead Data Science

For data to have a positive impact within an organisation, data science projects need to be defined according to the challenges impacting the business and those important decisions that the business needs to make. There’s no use building a model to describe past behaviour or predict future sales if this can’t be translated into action. I’ve heard this from Rich a thousand times since I’ve been at Mango Solutions, but hearing Steven Wilkins describe how this allowed Hiscox to successfully deliver business value from analytics really drove the point home for me. Similarly, Edwina Dunn demonstrated that those organisations which take the world by storm (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Uber and AirBnB) are those which first and foremost are able to identify customer needs and then use data to meet those needs...

Steven Wilkins, Edwina Dunn, Rich Pugh

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What the Delegates Said

Andrie Devries

Andrie de Vries

R Studio

The highlight of the R calender in Europe.

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Susanna Liberti

Susanna Liberti


An inspiring conference, allowing valuable networking with peers, discussing common data challenges and practical solutions.

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David Smith

David Smith


I come to EARL for the stories. There is no other conference like it in terms of real applications using R.

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No conference would be what it is without the support of those speaking, and EARL is no exception. Our speakers come from around the world to present their ideas and approaches. They represent companies of all sizes and give their time to share their knowledge and experience with attendees.


Each EARL Conference features a day of workshops preceding the full conference days. These will be interactive workshops on a variety of R related topics, from introductory to advanced levels.

Due to the interactive nature of the workshops, all attendees will be required to bring their own laptop. Please see the full information provided for each workshop to ascertain the stated prerequisites for attendance.

Note: Workshop places are limited.

R in 6 Hours

Beginner All Day

Ever wanted to dive into R but not found the time? Then this workshop is for you. Over a day of hands-on training you will get up and running with the basics of R. From getting data into R and common manipulation tasks to the basics of visualisation and statistics...

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Shiny - Beyond the Basics

Intermediate Morning

Congratulations you built your first shiny app! But what next? How can you get the most from shiny to go from simple app to a deployable and robust application? In this half-day session you will take a look in more detail at the key concept that underpins shiny - reactivity...

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A Crash Course in Python for R Users

Intermediate Afternoon

Alongside R, Python is one of the most popular tools for data science. But as R users what do we really need to know to get going with Python? This crash course will give you an introduction to Python, pointing out everything you need to know as an R user...

Full Description and Tickets

Deep Learning with Keras in R

Advanced Morning

If you don't work for one of the big tech giants then deep learning may seem out of reach. Thankfully, recent developments have made the Keras Python package available to R users. This means we can now build our own deep networks, layer by layer, without the need to learn other tools...

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Functional Programming with purrr

Advanced Afternoon

R is a functional programming language. But what does that mean? What implications does it have on the way we work with it? How can we use this to our advantage? In this workshop we will introduce the idea of functional programming and, in particular, focus on how we can use the purrr package to its full potential for functional programming...

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Social Events

Our conference networking reception will be held at the Imperial War Museum

This will be a unique private event which includes drinks, great food and excellent company. From The Tower Hotel, you’ll be ushered aboard a classic London bus to one of London’s most famous museums where you’ll have the opportunity to view the displays at your leisure.

This world-class museum houses fascinating artefacts and exhibitions from World War One to present day conflicts. So join us for an amazing opportunity to network and see some of the world’s most interesting history close-up.

The Conference Reception is included as part of the Full Conference Pass; tickets for the Conference Reception can be purchased separately when buying 1 or 2 day passes.

This fantastic social and networking event is only open to Conference Delegates unless by prior agreement with the EARL Team.


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