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No conference would be what it is without the support of those speaking, and EARL is no exception. Our speakers come from around the world to present their ideas and approaches. They represent companies of all sizes and give their time to share their knowledge and experience with attendees.

Keynote speakers:

Kenneth Cukier

Kenneth Cukier is the Data Editor of The Economist. From 2007 to 2012 he was the Japan business and finance correspondent, and before that, the paper’s global technology correspondent based in London, where his work focused on innovation, intellectual property and Internet governance. Previously, he was the technology editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong and a regular commentator on CNBC Asia. Earlier still, he was the European Editor of Red Herring and worked at The International Herald Tribune in Paris.

Garrett Grolemund

Garrett Grolemund is RStudio's Master Instructor and the Editor-in-Chief of the Shiny Development Center at He is also the author of R's popular lubridate package. A statistician by training, Garrett designs webinars, workshops, and other learning material to help statisticians use the open source R language. You may recognize Garrett from his video courses for and O'Reilly media, for his books Hands-On Programming with R and R for Data Science, or for his series of popular R cheat sheets distributed by RStudio.

David Smith

David Smith is the R Community Lead at Revolution Analytics, a Microsoft company. With a background in data science, he writes daily about applications of R and predictive analytics at the Revolutions blog (, and is a co-author of 'Introduction to R', the R manual.

Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng is a software engineer who joined J.J. Allaire at RStudio in 2009 to help create the RStudio integrated development environment. He is best known for creating Shiny, the reactive web application framework for R; and RPubs, a well known document publishing service. Joe has spent most of his career working for Boston-area tech startups, plus a stint at Microsoft prior to joining RStudio.

Lou Bajuk-Yorgan

Lou Bajuk-Yorgan is the Chairman of the R Consortium. He leads Predictive Analytics product strategy at TIBCO Spotfire, including the development of TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR). Lou frequently speaks and tweets (@LouBajuk) about the value of Predictive Analytics for getting the most out of your data.

Gabor Csardi

Gabor was awarded a grant by the R Consortium to implement the R-Hub project, to ease the difficulties associated with developing an R package for submission to CRAN. Gabor works part time for Mango Solutions as a consultant and was previously a postdoctoral research associate at the Dept of Statistics at Harvard University.


Adam Rich

SQL Server 2016 with R!

Alice Daish

Transforming a Museum to be data-driven using R

Amanda Lee

Social Marketing using InstagRam

Ben Downe

Using the Azure ML cloud to productionise R models

Bob Vaughan

Reconciling the Seemingly Disparate: Unifying R use in a scientifically diverse company

Chris Cole

R in a Controlled Enterprise Environment

Christian Humer

Polyglot R with cross language interoperability and debugging

Chris Reynolds

There's an R in PartnerRe - Case Studies from the World of Life Insurance

Ciro Montagano

Technology and insights to deliver better service, retain and sell to existing customers: a Shiny app development

Daniel Partington

How R has significantly improved supply chain efficency

Eike Brechmann

Real-Time Predictive Analytics for Automated Medical Claims Processing

Emil Banning Iversen

'R we there yet', or How Enterprise IT Learned to Love R

Emma Liden

Forecasting retail sales: Product prototyping with R and Shiny

Gergely Daroczi

Stream processing with R and Amazon Kinesis

Hayfa Mohdzaini

Generating reports getting you down. Use R to automate Word and Excel benchmarking reports

Hovhannes Khandanyan

Travel & Expense Decision Tree: a Strategic Approach to Travel & Expense Spend Analysis

Jack Wright

Create innovative web applications powered by R

James Lawrence

Automating Exploratory Data Analysis with rmarkdown

Jeremy Horne

Automated deployment of externally driven demand for goods and services. A real-time and radical shift in media campaign planning

Jerome Durussel

How data shapes athletic performance: Creating, prototyping and validating new solutions with R.

John Burn-Murdoch

ggplot2 as a creativity engine

Juan Hernandez

Digital Behaviour Analytics: State-Space Modelling for the Next Generation

Marcus Gaul

How R we Doing? Exploring New Ways for Metrics Development in Operations Assessment

Markus Gesmann

Trading Risks

Louis Vines

Live Credit Scoring for Marketplace Lending in R

Maciej Bledowski

Large Scale Experiments at eBay

Magda Piatkowska

Evolution of the brain. Tuning the algorithm behind user journeys

Mark Edmondson

Super-charging websites with a real-time R API

Michael Spencer

Snow, R and keeping people safe

Mike Wise

Energy prediction and load shaping for buildings

Nick Masca

It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it: how good use of data can trump 'big' data.

Nicky Van Thuyne

R at BCS: Present success stories , Future challenges

Richard Hooijmaijers

A Shiny Application to Evaluate Cardiovascular Effects

Ryan Field

Aggregating Predictions from an MCMC Sampler

Sarah Pollicott

The Capital One Journey from SAS to R

Tal Galili

Heatmaps in R – Overview, Challenges, and Best Practices

Thársis Souza

Big Data Finance and the Emergence of a New Kind of Data: Online proxies of human behaviour

Thomas Baynes

Putting R in OR: Transforming the analysis of modelling and simulation data in the Ministry of Defence

Thomas Kounitis

A Shiny application for optimally allocating budget across marketing channels

Tim Paulden

Jumpers for goalposts: Football modelling from the ground up

Timothy Wong

Multi-seasonal Time Series Modelling using Recurrent Neural Nets

Vincent Warmerdam

ML for SparkR: just add water

Wojtek Kostelecki

Effective Approaches for Using R to Evaluate Media Performance


Creating a Corporate R Infrastructure

Lou Bajuk-Yorgan

Mark Sellors
Mango Solutions

Bob Vaughan

Nick Downie

Fostering an R Culture in a Commercial Organization

Markus Gesmann
Vario Partners

Andy Nicholls
Mango Solutions

Chiin-Rui Tan
R-Ladies London

Dan Kellett

Amelia Waddington