EARL2016 will feature a day of workshops preceding the full conference days. These will be interactive workshops on a variety of R related topics, from introductory to advanced levels. Due to the interactive nature of the workshops, all attendees will be required to bring their own laptop. Please see the full information provided for each workshop to ascertain the stated prerequisites for attendance.

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Monday, 7 November

All Day Workshop 1: Advanced Shiny Workshop

This full day workshop will cover the latest developments and best practices for the Shiny R package. We will cover some of the newest features in Shiny and then plunge deep into Shiny's reactive programming framework. You will learn how to write nimble, performant Shiny apps by mastering reactive programming, a paradigm that is intrinsically different than the functional programming style you are used to in the rest of R. You will also practice writing Shiny modules, self-contained shiny components that can be reused across apps, and you will learn the best ways to debug and optimize your apps after you write them. The topics of this workshop will go over the head of many beginning Shiny users, so please consult the pre-requisites to see if this workshop is a good fit for you.

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Morning Workshop 2: Introduction to ggplot2

R has always been known for the strength of its visualisation tools. The aim of this workshop is to introduce just one of these tools, namely the powerful and incredibly popular ggplot2. This course is aimed at R users who have a basic working knowledge of the R language and would like to add a more advanced graphics package to their toolbox. It will provide a hands-on introduction to ggplot2 with lots of example code and graphics. Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to recreate plots used in their daily workflow; how you can use the grammar of graphics to manipulate these graphics to publication ready quality and give you the knowledge to extend the grammar.

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Afternoon Workshop 3: Using R with Microsoft Office Products

Creating business reports is vital in communicating analysis results to business analysts and decision makers but it is often time consuming - sometimes unnecessarily so but R provides us with an easy way in which we can speed this process up. The primary aim of this workshop is to introduce how Microsoft Word and Excel reports can be created directly from R. Following this session, attendees should also be conversant in how possible options for reporting differ and specifically how the ReporteRs package can be used to obtain a finer grain control over the formatting of Word documents from R. This workshop is aimed at users with a basic knowledge of the R language.

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