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Monday, 14th September - Workshops, Registration and Welcome Network Reception

0900­-1000 hrs Registration and Morning Tea/Coffee
1000-1130 hrs WORKSHOP 1: Integrating R and Python - An Introduction to Using Both in a Data Analysis Pipeline
by Chris Musselle
Discovery Suite
WORKSHOP 2: Current Best Practices in Formal Package Development
by Aimee Gott
Tower 3
1130-1145 hrs Morning Break - Tea/Coffee served
1145-1300 hrs Workshop 1 continued Workshop 2 continued
1300-1400 hrs Registration and Afternoon Tea/Coffee
1400-1530 hrs WORKSHOP 3: Introduction to Rcpp
by Dirk Eddelbuettel

Discovery Suite
WORKSHOP 4: Interactive Reporting with R Markdown and Shiny
by Joe Cheng
Tower 3
1530-1600 hrs Afternoon Break - Tea/Coffee
1600-1700 hrs Workshop 3 continued Workshop 4 continued
1800-1900 hrs Registration in Tower Foyer & Bridge 1 & 2
1900 until late Welcome Evening Drinks and Network Reception.
Sponsored by:
Tower Foyer & Bridges 1 & 2

Tuesday, 15th September - Day 1 - Tower Suites

0800­-0900 hrs Registration and Arrival Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
0900­-0910 hrs Opening and Welcome
Richard Pugh and Matt Aldridge, Mango Solutions
0910-0955 hrs Opening Keynote 1
Alex Bellos
0955-1040 hrs Opening Keynote 2
Joe Cheng
1040-1100 hrs Mid-Morning Refreshments Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
Towers 1 & 2
Tower 3
1100-1230 hrs Session 3 - Modelling
  • Communicating Risk - a Perspective from an Insurer
    by Markus Gesmann, Lloyd's of London
  • R for Operational Risk in UniCredit
    by Fabio Piacenza/Ivan Danesi, UniCredit
  • Social Network Analysis in R Applied to Stroke Patients' Health Behaviours
    by Amar Dhand, Washington University in St Louis
Session 2 - Applications
  • Using R components in Business Critical Real Time Applications - Global Overview and Architecture/Components
    by Dr Ulf Schepsmeier, Allianz
  • R IT Environments and DSWB
    by Kate Ross-Smith, Mango Solutions
  • Leveraging Existing IT Testing Infrastructure to Manage the Testing, Deployment and Maintenance of R Applications
    by Sergiusz Bleja, TIM Group
1230-1330 hrs

1330-1500 hrs Session 5 - Visualization
  • Datascience Solution to Event Prediction in Outsourced Clinical Trial Models
    by David Ruau, AstraZeneca
  • Building Interactive Visualizations with Shiny to Explore Data from Social and Health Care in UK
    by Armando Viera, DataAI
  • The Power of Maps with R
    by James Cheshire, UCL
Session 4 - Business Challenges
  • Making Business Personal
    by Matt Shepherd, Aimia
  • ZeRo to HeRo - The First 12 Months of R at BCA, First Installation to Benefits Realisation
    by Ben Downe, BCA
  • Defining and Creating a Data Scientist with R
    by Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions
1500-1530 hrs Afternoon Refreshments Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
STREAM 3 - Tower 1 STREAM 2 - Tower 2 STREAM 1 - Tower 3
1530-1700 hrs Session 8 - Workflow
  • R in Market Research: R Handling 'wide' (not 'big') data
    by Shad Thomas, Glass Box Research
  • Board packs: combining shiny, LaTeX an databases for full effect
    by Stephanie Locke, Mango Solutions
  • R for Standard Reporting
    by Nicole Klir
Session 7 - Big Data Technologies
  • Automatic Driver Identification with Decision Tree Methods for Building Powerful Predictive Solutions
    by Jerry Shan, HP
  • Easily Access and Explore your Hadoop Big Data
    by Ana Costa e Silva, TIBCO
  • Divide and Recombine your Large Datasets with Tessera and Visualise them with Trelliscope
    by Enzo Martoglio, Steria Sopra
Session 6 - Big Data Challenges
  • Apache Spark and R; A Big (Data) Love Story
    by Mark Sellors, Mango Solutions
  • Assessing Rare Outcomes: Using R to Simulate a Lottery
    by Joshua White, KPMG
  • Enabling R for Big Data with PL/R and PivotalR: Real World Examples on Hadoop & MPP Databases
    by Woo Jung, Pivotal
1700-1900 hrs Network Reception Pimm's and Canapés in the Tower Foyer & Bridges 1 & 2
Sponsored by:
1930-2330 hrs Conference Evening Reception @ The Tower Bridge Walkways

Wednesday 16th September Day 2 - Tower Suites

0830-0900 hrs Registration and Arrival Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
0900­-0950 hrs Opening Keynote 1
Hannah Fry
0950-1040 hrs Opening Keynote 2
Dirk Eddelbuettel
1040-1100 hrs Mid-Morning Refreshments Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
STREAM 2 - Towers 1 & 2 STREAM 1 - Tower 3
1100-1230 hrs Session 11 - Modelling
  • Cars, Customers and Cons: Predictive Analytics Versus the US Insurance Market
    by Declan Groves, Allstate
  • Using R to Model Multi-Billion Dollar Mortgage Assets
    by Aimee Gott, Mango Solutions
  • What will Happen Next to this patient? Predictive text Mining in a Specialist Cancer Hospital
    by Tom Liptrot, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Session 10 - Commercial Applications
  • R & CrossMedia™ Research - Analytics for Media Channel Optimization
    by Juan Manuel Hernández, Millward Brown
  • Implementation and Usage of R in a Life Insurer
    by Chris Reynolds, PartnerRe
  • Convince your HiPPO with Real World Data Storytelling in R and Machine Learning
    by Jennifer Stirrup, Data Relish Ltd
1230-1330 hrs Lunch
1330-1500 hrs Session 13 - Modelling
  • Cash Collection Forecasting Utilities
    by Eliano Marques, Deloitte
  • JDE Use R Applications to Help Make & Confirm Better Coffee Blends for Consumer
    by Jeff Stagg, Jacobs Douwe Egberts
  • Court Red-Handed! Detecting Match-Fixing in Tennis Using R
    by Tim Paulden, ATASS Sports
Session 12 - Business Challenges
  • Analytics: Creating the Bias for Action
    by Alex Hancock, Shell
  • Replacing SAS by Stealth: Creating a Central R Graphics Library
    by Andy Nicholls, Mango Solutions
  • Solving Business Issues in Big Pharma and Fintech using R
    by Alastair McKinley, Analytics Engines
1500-1530 hrs Afternoon Refreshments Tea/Coffee and Sweet or Savoury Pastries
STREAM 3 - Tower 1 STREAM 2 - Tower 2 STREAM 1 - Tower 3
1530-1700 hrs Session 16 - Big Data Technologies
  • Simplicity and Performance: Leveraging Oracle Database Features with Oracle R Enterprise
    by Lorea Arrizabalaga, Oracle
  • Apply the R Language in Real Time and Streaming Applications
    by Lou Bajuk-Yorgan, TIBCO
  • Distributed R - Bring scalability and performance native to R
    by Sunil Venkayala, HP
Session 15 - Workflow 2
  • Creating Rich Analytic Presentations with the RCloud Framework
    by Douglas Ashton, Mango Solutions
  • Leveraging Bloomberg data for systematic investment in equity and other asset classes
    by Giles Heywood, Amber Alpha Ltd
  • Reproducible Data Analysis with Revolution R Open
    by Andrie de Vries, Revolution Analytics
Session 14 - Applications
  • R vs Julia - a comparison
    by David Jessop, UBS
  • Optimising Hybrid Statistical & Judgmental Models in SME Lending: A Story of Shiny, Interactive Analysis & Feedback Loops
    by Marina Theodosiou/Sofia Palazzo, Funding Circle
  • Creating an Analytic Decision Portal with R and the Flask framework
    by Chris Musselle, Mango Solutions
1700-1730 hrs Conference Closing Remarks - Matt Aldridge and Richard Pugh

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