Keynote Speakers:

We are delighted to announce that the keynote speakers for EARL 2015 will be David Smith ,Garrett Grolemund, John Thompson and Richard Pugh

Keynote David Smith is the R Community Lead at Revolution Analytics, a Microsoft company. With a background in data science, he writes daily about applications of R and predictive analytics at the Revolutions blog (, and is a co-author of "Introduction to R", the R manual. Follow David on Twitter as @revodavid.
a Garrett Grolemund is the Editor-in-Chief of, the development center for the Shiny R package, and is the author of Hands-On Programming with R as well as Data Science with R, a forthcoming book by O’Reilly Media. Garrett works as a Data Scientist and Chief Instructor for RStudio, Inc. Follow Garrett on Twitter as @StatGarrett

  a John Thompson is the General Manager for Advanced Analytics at Dell Software and has 25 years of experience in building and growing technology companies in the information management segment. Follow John on Twitter as @johnkthompson60



Richard Pugh has many years' experience working with data analysis products and specializes in R, SAS and S-PLUS. As co founder and Commercial Director of Mango Solutions, Richard has been instrumental in the development of R based applications for some of the largest companies in the world. Follow Richard on Twitter as @richardpugh



Dirk Eddelbuettel is the author / maintainer of Rcpp, RQuantLib, digest and two dozen more CRAN packages. He is a (voting) member of the R Foundation, maintains the CRAN Task Views for Finance as well as High-Performance Computing, contributes to Debian as a package maintainer, and serves as an editor for the Journal of Statistical Software. He has a PhD in Econometrics from EHESS, and works in Chicago as quantitative analyst focussed on predictive models for financial markets. Follow Dirk on twitter as @eddelbuettel




Other EARL Speakers

Aedin Culhane
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Aimee Gott
Mango Solutions
Ari Lamstein
Lamstein Consulting LLC
Bob Rudis
Brandon Bass
Altenex LLC
Clive Higgins
Harlan Harris
Educational Advisory Board
Jeff Allen
Jerzy Pawlowski
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Josiah Davis
Slalom Consulting
Mark Sellors
Mango Solutions

Monika Wahi
DethWench Professional Services
Sean Lorenz
Domino Data Labs
Oliver Keyes
Wikimedia Foundation
Marcos Pereira
Millward Brown Analytics
Paul Kowalczyk
Richard Pugh
Mango Solutions
Robert Weyrauch
Early Warning Services
Shad Thomas
Glass Box Research
Tara Walker
Tableau Software
Vincent Warmerham
Yang Lu
Hutchin Hill Capita

Yan Li

Roger Fried
Teradata Aster
Marcos Pereira
Millward Brown Analytics



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