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Monday 2nd November - Workshops, Registration and Welcome Network Reception

0900­-1000 hrs Registration and Morning Tea/Coffee
1000-1130 hrs WORKSHOP 1: Introduction to Rcpp
by Dirk Eddelbuettel

Sampson/Paul Suite
WORKSHOP 2: Current Best Practices in Formal Package Development
by Aimee Gott and Doug Ashton, Mango Solutions
Horace/Mann Suite
1130-1145 hrs Morning Break - Tea/Coffee served
1145-1300 hrs Workshop 1 continued Workshop 2 continued
1300-1400 hrs Registration and Afternoon Tea/Coffee
1400-1530 hrs WORKSHOP 3: Getting Started with Spark and R
by Mark Sellors, Mango Solutions

Sampson/Paul Suite
WORKSHOP 4: Interactive Reporting with R Markdown and Shiny
by Garrett Grolemund, RStudio

Horace/Mann Suite
1530-1600 hrs Afternoon Break - Tea/Coffee
1600-1700 hrs Workshop 3 continued Workshop 4 continued
1800-1900 hrs Registration in the NERD Center
1900 until late Welcome Evening Drinks and Network Reception.
Sponsored by:
Horace/Mann Suite

Tuesday 3rd November - Day 1 - NERD Suites

0830-0900 hrs Registration and Arrival Tea/Coffee
0900­-0910 hrs Opening and Welcome
Richard Pugh and Matt Aldridge, Mango Solutions
0910­-0955 hrs Opening Keynote 1
David Smith, Microsoft (Revolution Analytics)
0955-1040 hrs Opening Keynote 2
John Thompson, Dell
1040-1100 hrs Mid-Morning Refreshments Tea/Coffee
STREAM 2 - Sampson/Paul Suite STREAM 1 - Horace/Mann Suite
1100-1230 hrs Session 3 - Modelling
  • R in Market Research - Handling 'Wide' (not big) Data
    by Shad Thomas, Glass Box Research
  • Heuristic Methods for Real World Optimization
    by Brandon Bass, Altenex LLC
  • How to do Survival Analysis of Health Data in R
    by Monika Wahi, DethWench Professional Services
Session 2 - Applications
  • fbRads; Analyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R
    by Gergely Daroczi,
  • Managing R with ValidR Enterprise
    by Kate Ross-Smith, Mango Solutions
  • Utilizing R-Shiny Server to Project IP and Disseminate Knowledge in a Global Organisation
    by Michael Conklin,, GFK
1230-1330 hrs Lunch
1330-1500 hrs Session 5 - Visualization
  • Predictive Models for Neglected Disease Drug Discovery: Built with R/Shared using Shiny
    by Paul Kowalczyk, Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc
  • Vizualizing Models
    by Jared Lander, Lander Analytics
  • Visualization and Sensitivity Analysis of PK/PD Models in R
    by Yan Li, Celgene
Session 4 - Business Challenges
  • Revenue Cycle Acceleration via Azure Machine Learning
    by Danielle Dean, Microsoft
  • Vectorisation Needed: Analysing Traffic to a Top 10 Website with R
    by Oliver Keyes, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Using R to Model Multi-Billion Dollar Mortgage Assets
    by Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions
1500-1530 hrs Afternoon Refreshments Tea/Coffee
1530-1700 hrs Session 7 - Workflow
  • Sharing Data between R and non R users
    by Aimee Gott, Mango Solutions
  • ´ü│Customizing R Machine Learning to Your Problem with Caret
    by Marcos Pereira, Millward Brown
  • Creating Rich Analytic Presentations with the RCloud Framework
    by Doug Ashton, Mango Solutions
Session 6 - Visualization
  • Rapidly Visualizing Scientific Data Optimized by Applications of R
    by Clive Higgins, Exaptive
  • R and Tableau: Data Science at the Speed of Thought
    by Tara Walker, Tableau Software
  • Mapping Census Data in R
    by Ari Lamstein
1700-1730 hrs R Consortium Forum Panel Discussion with Richard Pugh, Hadley Wickham, Lou Bajuk-Yorgan and David Smith
1930-2330 hrs Conference Evening Reception at the Boston Science Museum

Wednesday 4th November - Day 2 - NERD Suites

0830-0900 hrs Registration and Arrival Tea/Coffee
0900­-0950 hrs Day 2 Opening Keynote 1
Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions
0950-1040 hrs Day 2 Opening Keynote 2
Garrett Grolemund, RStudio
1040-1100 hrs Mid-Morning Refreshments Tea/Coffee
STREAM 2 - Sampson/Paul Suite STREAM 1 - Horace/Mann Suite
1100-1230 hrs Session 9 - Big Data
  • From Data to Decision Making: A Behind the Scenes Look at Building The Most Respected Report in Information Security
    by Bob Rudis, Verizon
  • New Possibilities with Spark and R
    by Vincent Warmerham, GoDataDriven
  • Identifying Key Opinion Leaders in Oncology Using R for Data Analytics and Visualization
    by Dag Holmboe, Klurig Analytics
Session 8 - Modelling
  • Measuring Brand Ad Effectiveness
    by Tim Hesterberg, Google
  • Performance Attribution for Equity Portfolios
    by Yang Lu, Hutchin Hill Capital
  • Using R and Bioconductor in Cancer Genetics and Precision Medicine
    by Aedin Culhane, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
1230-1330 hrs Lunch
1330-1500 hrs Session 11 - Business Challenges
  • Quantitative Portfolio Management with High Frequency Data
    by Jerzy Pawlowski, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out - Automating Data Quality
    by Robert Weyrauch
  • Is the customer always right? Yes, but some are more right than others
    by Josiah Davis
Session 10 - Applications
  • plumbr - An R package to trivially convert existing R code into web-accessible APIs
    by Jeff Allen, RStudio
  • Data Science Workbench for Integrated, Collaborative Analytics
    by Mark Sellors, Mango Solutions
  • AMP, Automated Monitoring of Phase 1 Studies
    by William S. Denney, Pfizer
1500-1530 hrs Afternoon Refreshments Tea/Coffee
1530-1730 hrs Session 13 - Commercial Applications
  • A declarative DSL for the plotly graphing library in R
    by Jack Parmer, Plotly
  • Deploying predictive models as APIs
    by Sean Lornez, Domino Data Labs
  • Predicting Student Success at Scale: APIs and DSLs for Building and Integrating Many Models
    by Harlan Harris, Educational Advisory Board
  • Scaling R for Real-world Business Analytics
    by Roger Fried, Teradata
Session 12 - Big Data and Performance
  • Taking R to New Levels of Scalability and Performance
    by Mark Hornick, Oracle
  • Integration of Distributed R and Vertica: A Powerful Setting for Big Data Analytics
    by Arash Fard, HP
  • Using R to Predict Financial Scores with Big Data Technologies in Emerging Markets
    by Nicolais Guevara, Cignifi
  • Applying R in Enterprise Applications
    by Lou Bajuk-Yorgan, TIBCO
1730-1745 hrs Conference Closing Remarks - Matt Aldridge and Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions

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