Notice to all EARL Conference attendees.

Mango Solutions would like to sincerely thank you all for attending the EARL Conference in Boston. Your participation, along with the support of our sponsors and speakers makes hosting such an event possible and we hope you had as good a time as we did. It was truly great to meet you all.

For those of you keen to get access to copies of speakers slides, we have some good news; We'll be publishing all the slides that we were able to obtain clearance for, on Monday the 16th of November. You'll all receive an email detailing how to gain access, so check your inboxes then! Did we mention that you'll also get access to all the slides from EARL 2015 London as well? We probably should have!

We're currently trawling through the all the video footage at the moment and videos will be released to attendees as-and-when they become available.

So, keep an eye on your inbox and twitter and we hope to see you all again next year!

Thanks again,
The EARL team.

Following on from the overwhelming success of the London EARL Conference and the feedback received, a 2015 EARL Conference will be held in Boston.  EARL is a Conference for users and developers of the open source R programming language.  The primary focus of the Conference will be the commercial usage of R across a range of industry sectors with the aim of sharing knowledge and applications of the language.

Pre-Conference workshops will be held, in parallel, on the Monday 2nd November from 1330 hrs.  The EARL Conference will showcase speakers from key areas of statistical and data analysis, from the finance industry to life sciences to sports analysis.

Why should I attend?

EARL is an exciting, new cross-sector Conference dedicated to the real business usage of R.  Two days devoted to the most innovative R implementations by the world's leading practitioners.  The inaugural EARL Conference was a huge success as the following testimonials form the London Conference attest:

“I was able to pick up snippets of knowledge and tips about new libraries and applications”

“It was great to see such a wide variety of talks covering 'real life' applications of R”

“The organisation and quality was outstanding by any standards, let alone a first attempt!”

"So useful to hear how others integrate R in a corporate environment”

“It spoke to a broad audience with topics that could easily be ported into other areas of use”

"Seeing real world examples from different businesses was so useful”

“Very helpful to learn about best practices of using R in business”

“It was an amazing experience”



2014 London Speakers Included:





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